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11 unusual driving offences and how much you could be fined
Oct 13, 2023

We took a look at some of the obscure driving offences that you might not expect and how much you can be fined for them. We posted this on our TikTok page and it had a lot of love so we thought we would share it here too! See the TikTok video here. Now let’s […]

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UK Government Bans Smart Motorway Construction | What This Means For Drivers
May 04, 2023

On the 15th April 2023, the UK Government announced that all smart motorway construction was to be discontinued. In recent years, the United Kingdom has been investing heavily in the construction of “smart motorways,” a type of roadway that uses technology to monitor traffic flow and improve safety. However, the safety of these motorways has […]

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How to win 1 year of FREE fully comprehensive car insurance
May 01, 2023

At Rooster we continue trying to find new ways to improve the car world for everyone. This is especially important for young people, who get car insurance quotes based on unfair factors. This month, we have decided to hold our biggest ever giveaway by offering the incredible prize of 1 year of free car insurance! […]

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