At Rooster we are inventing smarter ways to measure & price risk.

About Us

We believe the price you pay should reflect the risk you pose regardless of your demographic profile.

If you drive safely, you are less likely to have an accident,
& therefore should pay less.

Unfortunately traditional insurers inability to distinguish between who is a good driver & who is not, has lead to high prices for all. Driven by a broken system riddled with demographic bias & where safe drivers are pooled with bad,
effectively subsidising the costs of their claims.

And that’s just not fair ... so we’ve set up Rooster


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Share our passion & looking to join an exciting new company?

    Making car ownership more accessible & affordable to everyone.

    We are on a mission to reduce the overall cost and hassle of car ownership. Starting with insurance, we have reinvented how risk is measured, priced & distributed to make it fairer, cheaper & smarter for safe drivers.

    But we're not stopping there. Our vision is to build the ultimate car owners super app, to make car ownership more accessible to everyone regardless of their age or demographic profile. Powered by fairness & a behavioural based car care platform, we are developing & rolling out new financing, repairs, warranties, parking, fuel, maintenance and other money saving products and services. All designed to proactively reduce the cost & hassle of car ownership, accessed exclusively via the Rooster app.