At Rooster we are
inventing smarter ways
to measure risk, to
enable us to offer fairer
priced insurance.

About Us

We believe the price you pay should reflect the risk you pose

If you drive well, you are less likely to have an accident,
& therefore should pay less.

Unfortunately traditional insurers inability to distinguish between
who is a good driver & who is not, has lead to high prices for all.
Driven by a broken system where good drivers are pooled with bad,
effectively subsidising the costs of their claims.

And that’s just not fair ... so we’ve set up Rooster car insurance


We're hiring

Share our passion & looking to join an exciting new company?

Rooster the new app based insurance company

Powered by smartphone technology, driving behavioural data & computer science to set prices based on how people actually drive. By only insuring good drivers, we don’t have to rely on large pools & pay out for bad drivers claims.

Founded in 2019 by a passionate & diverse team, driven by a common goal to shake up the outdated insurance industry to better serve consumers. If you share our passion & are looking to play a part in redefining an industry we would love to hear from you.