Car insurance, reinvented for safe drivers.


With Rooster you could save upto 40% - Sounds crazy but it's not. We don’t base prices on crude demographics like age, instead we give you a price based on how you actually drive. By not insuring bad drivers, we reward safe drivers with huge savings. (Currently available for drivers aged 20 to 70)

Download the app, take the test drive, see how much you can save.
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Car insurance for safe drivers
How it works.

Just download the Rooster app and drive around for a few weeks, then if you are a good driver you will
get a personalised quote based on how you actually drive, not who you are...



Download our app

No long forms, just take a photo of your
driving licence. Get started in less than a



Take the test drive

We use the sensors in your phone to build a profile of
your driving behaviour for about 3 weeks
(depending on how much you drive). Then
we use AI to determine how safe a driver
you are.



Get a quote & save £'S

Customise your fully comprehensive cover and
pay for your policy all in the app. Test
drives are valid for 18 months, quotes for 60


We believe the traditional way of
pricing car insurance is
fundamentally unfair & broken.

People who drive well are less likely to have an accident, & therefore should pay less for their
car insurance regardless of their age, marital status and occupation etc.

The price you are currently paying is based primarily on demographics, & relies on a broken
system where both good & bad drivers are pooled together. Essentially if you are a safe driver
you are subsidising the cost of bad drivers’ accidents.

Rooster is different because we
test how well you drive, before
offering safe drivers a fairer quote.

Your driving behaviour is the primary factor in determining the price you pay. By simply not
insuring bad drivers (the 30% of drivers who make up almost 50% of all claims), we pay out
fewer claims than traditional insurers & pass those savings on to our community of
safe drivers.

By not insuring bad drivers, safe drivers save
up to 40%.


Don't just take our word for it

Usamah Saif

Excellent insurance provider and cheapest provider. The test drive was easy and simple to do. Customer service is excellent and Richard and his team are always there to assist. Very responsive and the quote I purchased was cheaper than all other comparison sites I have visited. I have saved myself near enough £1000 on insurance I would highly recommend rooster and wish all success for rooster team. Keep up the great work.


Everyone needs to know about Rooster. Rooster advisors are always on hand to answer any questions, I had a few during the test drive and as I was completing the purchase. They were answered within 2 minutes each time. Had a little hiccup when I purchased the insurance but it was sorted immediately. Would HIGHLY recommend Rooster insurance to anyone looking for cheaper insurance. Mine was around 30% cheaper!

What you get with Rooster, an insurance company built for the 21st century.

Buy with confidence, Rooster is FCA regulated & authorised
Savings up to 40%
Fully comprehensive insurance
so you’re completely covered whilst driving
File a claim in minutes with
a human 24/7
Earn cash for referring friends
Great customer reviews

Frequently asked questions

Simple, we don’t insure bad drivers, the 30% who make almost 50% of all claims. So our community of safe drivers don’t have to pay out these costs.
We also don’t have the high overheads of traditional insurance companies - no swanky head offices, no legacy computer systems to support & no armies of people doing manual processes. Instead we have built a new insurance company powered by modern technology to automate our processes & pass the savings back to our community.
You won’t find us spending millions on trying to grab your attention with expensive marketing campaigns or on price comparison sites - every time you buy from a comparison site it indirectly costs you £50 to £70. Instead we rely on our community to spread the word & reward them with cash when they make referrals.

Absolutely we offer fully comprehensive insurance on par with the big insurers, & the option to customise your cover to suit your individual circumstances.
We work with an innovative underwriter with huge amounts of experience. The premium is then re-insured by a global re-insurance giants Munich Re & Trans Re.

To be a Rooster customer, you must:
- Be over the age of 20
- Held a full driving licence for over a year
- Have a GB driving licence (currently not NI)
- Own a car which is less than 20 years old, not imported and not Cat D
- Own a car worth less than £40,000
Some higher performance, executive cars & SUV's have a minimum age & NCD requirement
- Warm hatch > Age 21+ eg. Ford Fiesta ST Line
- Performance hatch > Age 25+ eg. Golf GTi
- Low Exec > Age 21+ eg. BMW 318i
- Mid Exec > Age 24+ eg. BMW 520
- High Exec > Age 27+ eg. BMW 740
- Performance > Age 30+ eg. Mercedes C63
- Small SUV > Age 21+ eg. Audi Q3
- Medium SUV > Age 24+ eg. Audi Q5
- Large SUV > Age 25+ eg. Mercedes ML
- Super Cars > Age 30+ eg. McLaren P1

No, we do not offer insurance cover during the test drive period.
We only offer policies once the test drive is complete and you have proven you are a safe driver.

The single largest factor in calculating your quote is your driving. During the test drive we measure and analyse how, when & where you drive to build a personalised driving risk model.

We consider other factors as well – we use several traditional factors which are mathematically predictive of risk or fraud, as well as your driving history.

We are committed to eliminating as many demographic factors as we can as our technology and artificial intelligence gets smarter.

You won’t know until you complete the test drive - it depends on your driving skills and habits. safe drivers can save up to 40% off their previous price, so it's definitely worth giving the test drive a go and finding out how much you could save.

No, we finish monitoring your driving behaviour as soon as your test drive period is complete, which is usually after 3 weeks. By this stage we have collected enough data for our algorithms to accurately assess how safe a driver you are.

We don't insure bad drivers, the 30% who make up 50% of all accidents. This means safe drivers no longer have to be pooled with bad & essentially subsidise the costs of their claims. By not insuring bad/high risk drivers we can pass huge savings to our community of safe drivers.

No. We simply take a snapshot of your driving behaviour before offering a quote.

You need to be over 20, have been driving for at least 12 months & have your driving licence to hand.

The sign up process takes less than a minute & rather than having to answer pages of questions we simply take a scan of your driving licence and collect your relevant driving history from the DVLA & other databases.

No the Rooster app does not need to be open. You give it permission to run in the background on your phone when you sign up for the test drive.

Basically, follow the rules of the road, be mindful of other drivers. Braking, speeding, times of day, miles driven and roads used all play a part of the algorithms which calculate your quote.

Yes, currently you need to be over 20 years old & have 12 months driving experience post passing your test.


What’s even better than a low
Actual cash.

We don't pay price comparison sites for customers. Instead, we rely on our community
of safe drivers to spread the word & pay them £70 for each safe driver referred!