The Rooster test drive

We are on a mission to make car insurance fairer & cheaper for good drivers. By downloading the app & allowing us to monitor you’re driving behaviour for 3 to 4 weeks, you can prove you're a low risk driver & save up to 40%.


Here’s how the Rooster app works

Once you have activated the test drive, you don't have to do anything, it all happens in the background. While you drive with our app, we
gather and analyse data from your smartphone’s sensors. Your test drive will last for about 3 weeks, after which time, you’ll
get a car insurance quote based primarily on how you drive. Here’s some insight into what we look for in a safe driver.


Smooth braking giving plenty of room to stop.


No sudden stops & starts, easy braking & acceleration.

Distracted driving

No texting or playing with your phone while driving.


Keeping within the speed limits & reducing your
speed in adverse weather & traffic conditions.

Safe hours

When possible driving in daylight hours & avoiding late-night driving especially at weekends.

Road Type

When possible use the motorway & avoid accident blackspots – motorway miles are much safer.


How we use your smartphone to
determine your quote.

We use your iPhone or Android phone to measure your driving behaviour for about 3 weeks (depending on how much you drive).
Once you have activated the test drive, you don't have to do anything, it all happens in the background.

A personalised risk model is built on the data collected (how, when & where you drive) & this is the single largest factor in calculating your quote.

We consider other factors as well – we use several traditional factors which are mathematically predictive of risk or fraud, as well as your driving history.
Data collected is strictly used to build your driving profile. It is NEVER shared or sold.


You enable us to use your phone’s GPS and
motion sensors so we get the information
we need to give you a fair quote
(don’t worry — we never sell your data).

Data Science

We build a unique motion DNA profile for each driver & vehicle. This enables us to determine when you're driving your car or simply a passenger in a taxi or on a bus etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Using machine learning and artificial
intelligence we analyse the data from
your phone to determine your driving behaviour.

Download the app, take the test drive, see how much you can save.

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