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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely we offer fully comprehensive insurance on par with the big insurers, & the option to customise your cover to suit your individual circumstances.
We work with an innovative underwriter with huge amounts of experience. The premium is then re-insured by a global re-insurance giants Munich Re & Trans Re.

You won’t know until you complete the test drive - it depends on your driving skills and habits. Good drivers can save up to 40% off their previous price, so it's definitely worth giving the test drive a go and finding out how much you could save.

No, we finish monitoring your driving behaviour as soon as your test drive period is complete, which is usually after 3 weeks. By this stage we have collected enough data for our algorithms to accurately assess how safe a driver you are.

We don't insure bad drivers, the 30% who make up 50% of all accidents. This means good drivers no longer have to be pooled with bad & essentially subsidise the costs of their claims. By not insuring bad/high risk drivers we can pass huge savings to our community of good drivers.

No. We simply take a snapshot of your driving behaviour before offering a quote.

You need to be over 20, have been driving for at least 12 months & have your driving licence to hand.

The sign up process takes less than a minute & rather than having to answer pages of questions we simply take a scan of your driving licence and collect your relevant driving history from the DVLA & other databases.

No the Rooster app does not need to be open. You give it permission to run in the background on your phone when you sign up for the test drive.

Basically, follow the rules of the road, be mindful of other drivers. Braking, speeding, times of day, miles driven and roads used all play a part of the algorithms which calculate your quote.

The simple answer is that we are new to the market. Having founded Rooster Insurance in January 2019 we have been working flat out to deliver the most innovative car insurance pricing on the market, which we were able to finally launch in July 2020.
We are FCA approved & regulated. Our insurance is underwritten by a forward thinking underwriter Mulsanne Insurance, then the premium is re-insured by global re-insurance giants Munich Re & Trans Re.

If you would like to know more about our story, please feel free to ask us anything via live messaging during office hours :)

Yes, currently you need to be over 20 years old & have 12 months driving experience post passing your test.

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