Cut the cost of driving to save money
Apr 06, 2023

Currently, fuel can be one of the highest monthly expenses for an individual after rent, but we have some tips that can help you cut the cost of driving!

Supermarket savings:

Saving just 5p a litre on the price of petrol or diesel could save £100 a year for the average driver. Supermarkets will often give you a discount at their petrol pumps when you spend a minimum amount in store. These discounts can be as much as 5p to 10p per litre.
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Fuel economy:

You can save a surprising amount of money by changing the way you drive. An AA test found that the average driver could go 10% further on a tank of fuel by changing a few habits, and the best drivers could go 33% (one third) further. That means that, if you usually get 600 miles on a tank of fuel, you could get 200 miles further before needing to fill up again!

"On average drivers were achieving 21% worse fuel consumption than expected"

Figures found by a study from the ICCT (International Council on Clean Transport).

Eco driving habits that cut down fuel consumption:
1. Don’t drive too fast.
2. Drive in the right gear.
3. Take the roof rack off.
4. Don’t over-rev the engine.
5. Don’t use air conditioning.
6. Get the car serviced when it’s due.
7. Keep your tyres at the right pressure.
8. Don’t drive around with heavy things in the boot.
9. Block shift gears to brake – don’t go to each gear individually.
10. Don’t stop and start aggressively – try to smooth out your acceleration and braking.

Car sharing:

If you commute by car, consider sharing your journey and the cost with others on the same route. It’s simple if you can find workmates who live close to you – or if you share the school run with other parents nearby.

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