What type of cover does Rooster offer?

We are really focused on offering car insurance that protects everyone involved in an incident, which means we only offer fully comprehensive insurance. Fully comprehensive insurance is the highest level of protection offered in the UK and covers much more than third party insurance. It covers damage caused to other people's property, damage caused to your own car, and can pay you compensation if you are injured.

Buy with confidence

Rooster policies are underwritten by Mulsanne Insurance Company Ltd, and re insured by giants Munich Re and Trans Re.


Here’s how the Rooster app works

Once you have activated the test drive, you don't have to do anything, it all happens in the background. While you drive with our app, we
gather and analyse data from your smartphone’s sensors. Your test drive will last for about 3 weeks, after which time, you’ll
get a car insurance quote based primarily on how you drive.


Download the app, take the test drive, see how much you can save.

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